Friday, May 17, 2013

[Review] Etoinette Be My Love Crystal Shine Lips Set

"All Your Pink Romantic Dreams Will Come True! Be My Love"
About two to three weeks ago, I was lucky enough to get my hands on one of these babies, The Etoinette, Be My Love Crystal Shine Lips Special Set 02 from Etude House Brunei. (They tend to make mini contest once in a while; for Brunei residents already though). So I decided to make a review for it, since I only use lipbalms or lipgloss instead of lipsticks, I guess this is my first from Etude House (o^wo^)//

I went to Etude House at TimeSquare to pick up my prize but then end-ed up buying some other stuff too,  haha xD  in future I probably will make a review for it. The stuff I got;
  1. PUT YOUR HANDS UP - Deo Perfume Mist [Chic Floral] 
  2. PUT YOUR HANDS UP - Deo Perfume Stick [Green Citrus]
  3. SUPRISE Concealer Kit #02 Dark Circle Brightening
  4. SURPRISE MakeUp Master Concealer Brush
  5. LOOK AT MY NAILS - Ultra Hardener
  6. LOOK AT MY NAILS - Smoothing Base
  7. LOOK AT MY NAILS - Long Shine Top Coat
You'd also get the Shower Kit for free when you purchased two of PUT YOUR HANDS UP products so.. yay! :D It was actually bigger than I expected. Alrighty, let's move on to the Crystal Shine Lips review.

The set I gotten comes with the Crystal Shine Lips in the shade of PBE001 and a pretty cute mini little comb. The lipstick is embossed with the stylist E, obviously standing for Etoinette (o'w'o)v So cute, right? Such a waste to use when I would eventually reach the part with the crest on it (oTwTo).

The lipstick is known to be glossy pearl-based lipstick which made of french royal jelly extract to create that soft, moist lips! It doesn't have any specific smell so it can be considered as odorless, and its texture is slightly creamy smooth. There is pigmentation but not as bad. Even if you apply two or more layers, it won't cover the pigmentation of your lips.

It comes with 7 other shades although PBE001 is no where to be found. Probably there was a typo on my packaging, might have been PBE101. Anyway, as you can see all of the colours are in the pink and reds sections, I guess what we called princess colors :)

Before applying PBE001 

After applying PBE001  

After applying PBE001 [ZOOMED]

  After coating with lip-gloss for a shinier look.

It's perfect for casual day wear. Since I rather have dark skin, it looks rather pale and not bright. So to conclude, my preferences still lay with lip-glossed. BUT, if this lipstick were to finish I actually really would purchase the Crystal Shine Lips, except it'd be in a brighter and stronger shade.

Ratings 7/10 :D


  1. I loved your "accidental" haul haha XD

    So basically it's a sheer lipstick! I wonder if the other shades would be better.

    Have you tried not using lip gloss and see if it dries up your lips in the long run?

    How much are the Look at My Nails products?

    As for the other products, I'm interested in a review for the concealer. How creamy it is, and how well it covers up. I'm actually eyeing this and the one for blemishes though.

  2. Hi Nisah x)

    I personally think a pinky-er will be much much better, it'd give out a more girlish feel. The lipstick would last around 3 hours in an air-conditioned room (doing nothing xD), but if you go out outside or under the sun it's be about 2 hours or less. So it'd better to keep this in the purse to top up once in a while.

    The Look at My Nails polish are only BND$3.90 each

    Look out for future review for the concealer ;)